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14 Dec

NAR Code of Ethics - 3 Hours - ZOOM

NAR Code of Ethics - 3 Hours - ZOOM

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM)
3 CE Hours

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"The creators and keepers of the Code have realized that to remain relevant and useful, the Code must be a great deal more than simply a set of rules for the conduct of real estate transactions. To endure, the Code must be a criterion of excellence while at the same time constituting a realistic standard of performance. It must be a guide to measure professional conduct, while at the same time representing the furthest reach of professional aspiration. The Code must remain constant without becoming absolute, must be enforceable without being oppressive, and must be meaningful without being dogmatic.

The Code of Ethics has been able to meet all these needs and reconcile all these objectives for one reason only—the vision of its creators in adopting as the unifying rationale of the Code the Concept of Service to the Public.

Every Article of the Code is premised on this single concept. This single concept provides the philosophical basis by which each Article must be interpreted and applied. This single concept, by which the various Articles of the Code are rationalized, is the reason the Code has been and is a “living document.” “Service to the Public” is the “end” and the Code is the “means” to that end."

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Rhonda Ivey-Lentini
Rhonda moved from Maine to Connecticut in 1973. After working in a variety of fields, Rhonda embraced the real estate field with open arms.Thirty three years later, she has become more than a Real Estate Agent. Throughout these years, she has been the recipient of many Top Producer Awards. In 1997, Rhonda joined Dynamic Directions as an Instructor for Principles & Practices of Real Estate, as well as for the Right Start Program. It was during this time that she became the Head Instructor. Rhonda again began to expand her career in 2000. She became certified as a Continuing Ed Instructor for the State of Connecticut, as well as a National Trainer.Rhonda’s true gift for teaching stems from her passion for the real estate profession. Her innate talent as a leader provides the opportunity for her to be the “go to” person in and out of the office. Rhonda is a natural at teaching and derives a great joy and satisfaction from the job. Her goal is to help others “work smarter not harder”. She leaves no one behind!

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